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Custom Bow Ties

We can create some of the most unique and one of a kind bow ties for all occasions. Wedding, Charity events and Personalized Gifts.


Joe Beau Ties is dedicated to the philosophy of Making. We accomplish this by offering sewing workshops to children 6-12.

We love to communicate with our customer via Facebook. If you have questions or want to share our creations, Like us on Facebook and receive 10% off your first purchase.

"Cardigan" Knit Bow Ties

Introducing our new "Cardigan" Bow Tie! Experience the same comfort and ease of wearing your favorite cardigan sweater but with a bow tie instead. These Pre-Tied Knit bow ties are as comfortable as your favorite cardigan and just as easy to put on. Just head over to our shop and select "Cardigan" Bow Ties for our latest selection.

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